Numbers Matter

‪Why should we share our story? Should we grow a church? Why continue to reach out? Why did the early church refuse to stop?

Sometimes posts/blogs or conversations can reference church growth like it’s a negative thing. Many times the growth initiative is quickly turned to a debate on if it’s shallow or superficial.

A group is an opportunity for someone to hear about God. Whether it’s a concert, a team prayer, a graduation ceremony, a church gathering – let’s celebrate talking about God to groups!

When we ask do numbers matter – someone counted 12 men hearing about Jesus in Acts 19, they felt it important to tell us that 5000 men plus families were fed, the Bible references some growth as addition and other growth as multiplication, someone celebrated the facts of 120 receiving the power of Pentecost or 3000 getting saved in a day. Every number is a name, a person experiencing hope and life.

What if we stopped debating this subject and asked – is growing heaven a good thing?‬ Does heavens numbers matter?

‪The angels rejoice every time…

They say that Billy Graham initially experienced Christ in smaller settings – then went on to host stadiums and arenas full of people. I celebrate BOTH! I pray for every group of every size as they share the good news of Jesus with humanity.

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