I wear many hats. Some of my hats are a husband hat, a dad hat, as well as a pastor hat, boss/employer hat, budget hat, business leader hat, etc.

I recently sat in a leadership session that referenced how people can often view Pastors in a Pastor hat only. When this happens, people may say:

– How can a Pastor look at the business side of a church?

– How can a Pastor transition someone from staff?

– How can a loving shepherd correct or direct?

The truth is, there are times I must wear the hat of employer/boss/budget/business etc etc.

This was very enlightening as I listened to the session and evaluated my own life. Maybe it will help you when you view your Pastoral relationship as well.

There may be times that your Pastor needs to wear a hat of correction, direction, choices (budgets), and if we only see them wearing a Pastor hat we will misunderstand their responsibility and role in the moment.

I think this principle applies in many areas of life – I know many good employers that love their employees but there are times that they must put on the hat of boss/budget oversight or bottom line business leader and that hat is often different than the Christmas party bonus giving guy.

Knowing what “hat” they’re wearing helps us understand why they’re doing what they’re doing.

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