Cost of Complacency

Lulled into Complacency

Proverbs 1:32 …the complacency of fools will destroy them; but whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm.

Complacent- To become unaware or unconcerned over dangers or deficiencies.

Common- Appearing/occurring frequently, widespread, ordinary.

Take a walk through your house.  As you do, take notice of all the little deficiencies that have been there so long that you don’t even notice them any longer.  Are there smudges on the wall that need to be cleaned?  Are there nail holes that need to be filled?  Is there a chair that needs repairing?  What about the dust that you no longer notice?  Can you see them now?  How did you miss them?

Complacency.  The longer we are around something, good or bad, the more complacent with it we become.  We are no longer aware of it because it has simply become common to us.

Often, it can be the same with the people in our lives.

Some recent studies are showing divorce at an all-time high of 50 to 70 percent.  Staggering!  How are two people who vowed to stay together “’til death do us part” suddenly…apart.

What happened…complacency.

Each of those couples set out with the best of intentions. To be together forever.  But, slowly, over time, they became complacent with one another.  The relationship was no longer new.  Maybe he wasn’t excited to see her after work because she was always there.  Maybe she didn’t greet him at the door because he always came home.  There could be a lot of “maybe’s” here but in-the-end they just stopped being excited with each other. It wasn’t new anymore.

The longer they were together the more common their relationships grew and when we start to treat special people as though they are common, we risk losing them. Marriage is a covenant.  A solemn promise.  A promise to fight against the complacency that can destroy any relationship.

Complacency can also affect our relationships with our children.  When they are young we spend enormous amounts of time with them, but, the older and more independent they become, the less time we spend on our relationships with them.  We become complacent.

Studies show that the most important thing a family can do to improve children’s grades in school is to have family meals.  Why is that?  It’s because they are talking and being involved in one another’s lives.  When we become complacent, we fail to spend quality time with our children.  We forget to play with them.  We assume that everything is okay.  All-the-while, disaster could be simmering below the surface.

If we treat those who are special as though they are special, we are less likely to lose them.  So, if your marriage is struggling, try treating your relationship with the same excitement and vigor that you did in the beginning.  If your relationships with your children are struggling try spending some quality time with them.  Institute family mealtime each week.  Give it a try.  What have you go to lose?

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