Your Story

How did you get to Jesus?

Did a friend, family member, or co-worker invite you to church? Did they share their story of God’s love and grace with you?

John 8 tells us about a women who was “caught in the act of adultery.” She was dragged before Jesus where her accusers would explain to him that women, such as she, should be stoned to death. But Jesus showed her love and grace and, because of Him, her life was spared.

This women’s story of how she got to Jesus is pretty remarkable.  She was caught in the act, dragged through the crowd, and thrown to the ground before Jesus.  We don’t know what led her to the life that she was living, but we do know that once she made it to Jesus, everything changed.  There are a few facts about God’s grace that we can learn from her story.

  1. Grace loves you too much to let you fight your battles alone.  You may feel like no one knows what you are going through, but grace is there.
  2. Grace shows up when the odds are stacked against you.  If it would have been up to your accusers, you would not be where you are right now.  You are where you are because grace believed in you.
  3. Grace is willing to get dirty.  It’s been through the mud. Prison cells, divorce courts, front page of the newspaper…grace has been there.
  4. Grace says go! Jesus told the women to go and sin no more.  If you stay in your sin you will live the rest of your life condemned. Go!
  5. Grace knows how to find glory in your story.

Allow God to use your story to bring himself glory.  Share with others how you came to Jesus.  This helps to show people that there are two sides to every story, life before Christ, and life after you accepted Christ.  We need to realize that both sides of the story matter.  The struggles and the pain that God has brought you through have shaped you.  Now, you have a new story to tell!

It doesn’t matter HOW you got to Jesus; all that matters is THAT you got to Jesus!



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