Don’t Let Your “IF” Destroy Your “IT”

FullSizeRenderWhat if I had gone to college? What if I had married that person instead of this person? What if I had moved there instead of here? What if I had driven down that road instead of this road? What if I could pick up the pieces and fix what’s broken?

Do any of these “what if” questions flood your mind on a daily basis? Does your life seem so off course that you’re ready to “throw in the towel?” Do you feel like your life is broken beyond repair? Is it causing you to be stressed and frustrated, constantly regretting one decision after another? The devil’s goal is to steal, kill, and destroy; he wants to keep you stuck in the past, in bondage of your past decisions. I’ve got good news! The freedom of the Lord can deliver you from all that! God is able to break every chain from your past and allow you to walk in your calling in life! Your destiny is not in your past details but in your present faith!
Don’t let your “IF” destroy your “IT”!
If we are not careful, those “if” questions can detour our future and ultimately cause spiritual oppression. They will cause us to abandon our potential dreams for the sake of re-living our past nightmares. We need to quit second-guessing our past and realize that God’s plans for us are greater than anything we could ever imagine, and in order to get to the present “IT,” we must strip away the “IFs” in our lives! Don’t let “IF” rob you of your turnaround in life!

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