Brick By Brick 


I am convinced that life moves at the speed of relationships. Relationships can be hurtful or loving, harmful or healing, controlling or liberating, binding or catapulting. Therefore, it only makes sense that we would be concerned with who we grace with our time and energy.

Who are we surrounded by the most often? In general, we are in the company of our family, friends, or co-workers. And while we may be unable to choose our biological families or handpick our co-workers, we can definitely impact how each area’s relationships are built.

So, here are 8 ways to build relationships of success at home, at play, or at work:

• Lay a firm foundation by building honor into your family.

• Build generosity into your family. “The world of the generous gets larger and larger; the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller.” (Proverbs 11:24)

• Institute prayer into your family. Emphasize the importance of prayer and pray together regularly.

• Build friends around you that can handle your fall and will lend you their faith when yours is gone!

• Build friends around you who refuse to let you quit on yourself just so you can live a life of regret & remorse.

• Surround yourself with friends who can and will celebrate your success. 

• Build the confidence for yourself by seeing your company’s vision, valuing the vision, and taking action to complete the vision.

• Develop the confidence of your company by praying about your work-related problems.

• Establish the confidence for your team that “it” can be done! Whatever “it” is! One of your greatest attributes will be your ability to see success. 

As we grow, we focus less on the amount of relationships we have and more on the kind of relationships. It’s less about quantity and more about quality. So, one by one and brick by brick, be a quality builder. Be a confidence builder. Be a success builder.

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