Have you ever thought, “What would THEY say if I made this move?…What would THEY think if I made that choice?…How would THEY react if I took that chance?”
If we’re honest, the fear of THEY has a tendency to haunt us and influence our decisions in life.  This presence has been around for sometime.  
Even Moses struggled with THEY.  
In fact, in Exodus 4:1 during a debate with God regarding an assignment, Moses says, “…What if they do not believe me or listen to me….?” 
In this instance, the THEYs of Moses’ life caused him to question his own qualifications. Sound familiar? I’m pretty sure it does! 
We have all fallen prey to THEY at some point in our lives and experienced the fear of public perception.

Who is your THEY? 
Is it someone who knows your past, someone from a broken relationship, someone from your childhood who knows what you’ve done?
In the bible, Abel had Cain, Elijah had Jezebel, David had Saul, etc.

But what if what THEY say, their opinion, their perception doesn’t even matter?

After Moses poses his question, God responds to HIM, not to THEM. God doesn’t give Moses reactionary responses on how to deal with THEM. Instead, He gives Moses direct attention regarding himself.

I believe God wants to know how you view yourself.  What are you saying to yourself about yourself? Do you question your worth? Your abilities? Your significance?

I challenge you to dismiss the disqualifications and exemptions that hinder you from God’s plan for your life. Your destiny is determined, many times, not by what THEY say, but by what you say to yourself. Practice speaking great things about yourself! Choose to speak health! Speak peace! Speak life! You are capable! You are qualified! You are smart! You are worthy! You matter! You are enough! 
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One thought on “THEY PREY

  1. Karen Donaldson says:

    I used to stand in front of the mirror every day, no exaggeration, Every Day, and tell myself how worthless I was, how I would never have anyone or anything and how ugly I was and how no one would ever love me. For many years i did this, way too many to even count. This is what one does when one listens to the THEY in their lives !! You don’t even think how sad it is, because when you have been treated like the dirt beneath everyone’s feet for years, you believe it. But when God pulled me up, out of the pit of dispair, and I was finally able to see His love, believe me that took some time, that One Day came when I looked in the mirror and seen God’s love in my eyes, tears began to flow as I seen Him there, I’ve not done it since. Praise Him, I love Him so much !!!

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