The SON will shine again!

My kids love the tickle factory!  There’s rarely a day when my 2 youngest children (Eliana Grace & Micaiah Solomon) don’t dare their dad to catch them and take them to the tickle factory…..this consists of laughs, screams, squirming and then the progression through the song “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”.

Proverbs 30:28 says – The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings’ palaces.

The song tells us “down came the rain and washed the spider out” – as we make the roaring rain noises, I mess up their hair and let the gushing (pretend) rain roll down their cheeks.  My babies will giggle and squeal as the rain washes out the spider….Have you ever felt washed out?  Have you ever suffered a setback?  Have you tried and failed?

What happens when the rain of life washes out our dreams, plans, goals and aspirations?

Matthew 5:45 says that life’s rain finds its way to the just and the unjust.

The highlight of the tickle factory is when we pause for a moment and….the sun comes up again.  The song tells us that “sun dries up all the rain” and the itsy bitsy spider goes up the spout AGAIN.

I believe the SON of God can dry up the tears and fears of your life!  I believe that there is life after your greatest storm!

I am confident that the SON can shine again in your life!

One thought on “The SON will shine again!

  1. Jann Heston says:

    I never tire of that story… Brings back forgotten memories but with great hope in Jesus for our future generations. Kids need dads like you! Your children are very Blessed.

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