At The Intersection

Psalm 37 says “the steps of a good person are ordered by the Lord”

I often hear of amazing encounters that involve extremely unique details.  People have shared me that they’ve been out of country, on vacations, at parades or games etc and will meet people that they’ve known from their hometowns or childhood.  Many times we will chalk it up to the assessment that “it’s a small world”. 

Actually it’s 7.147 billion.

We had a family on Sunday that connected with one of our leader’s wives (out of state) and shared connections with the same baby-sitter from years gone by.

A few weeks ago I attended an Atlanta Braves game and just “randomly” got positioned (amongst thousands of seats) by a divorced Pastor who had gone through varying struggles and now out of ministry (we’ve talked nearly every week since).

As I prayed last week, I asked God to let me interact with people that have been away from CitiChurch or others who felt that no-one cared….it has happened almost daily since.  On one instance….I stopped at a red light waiting for traffic to commence and noticed the mom and her stroller coming toward me, I shouted a hello and a special greeting to her husband Matt (I pulled away so thankful that God “coincidentally” crossed our paths).

What if God planned the baby-sitting connection years ago?  What if the stoplight needed to be red at that exact moment?  What if (years ago) God knew that I should sit in that assigned seat at the Braves baseball game?  What if He is truly God at the intersection?

Never underestimate the 24/7, daily, pre-pared plans He has for your life!  It’s not just a job, a paycheck, a community coaching position, a subdivision or a random stoplight…’s the Kingdom!  He’s got a GREAT plan for your life!

Don’t diminish the God moments at the intersections of life!



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