CitiChurch – Year in Review

Wow! What a year!

Change. Change at home. Change at church. Personal change.

Change by definition – A transformation or transition from one state, condition, or phase to another.

Angel and I celebrated our 16th year of marriage and started raising our first official teenager.

I turned 40 🙂

It was a great year @ CitiChurch overall! We watched as many people accepted Christ, made fresh starts and experienced God in their lives! We baptized 91 in one day – super exciting! Our Citi-Kids ministered to several hundred kids and our Citi-Students to well over 200! 2013 allowed us the opportunities to speak and/or share Jesus in numerous nursing homes, jails/prisons and the detention centers. There’s NOTHING like sharing hope with hurting people!

As I reflect on 2013 I’m thankful for all of our community and regional outreach. Our love week, Missions, media influence, festivals/fairs, parades, CitiChurch Christmas etc are just a few of the ways we’ve expanded beyond our weekend celebration services.

CitiChurch was honored to host Pastors Kevin Gerald, Matt Keller, Matt Wade etc etc in 2013 – a great year of being mentored and coached by some amazing churches.

We launched our East Campus! Wow!! It’s located in the heart of Mt Vernon (110 Vine Street) and we’ve met some incredible families in this brief venture. It seems to gain momentum weekly and we are thrilled for 2014!

As we look ahead, we launch our weekly TV program starting in January.

My prayers for 2014:

– I desire to build stronger relation connections. We are launching this year with our “God of the Underdogs” series and connect groups at both locations.

– I’m excited to see “Celebrate Recovery” flourish! I’m already hearing of incredible life-transforming stories! Yes!!

– We want to see Kingdom Builders incorporated in the heart and fabric of CitiChurch! This ministry (per Champions Centre) let’s the heart of business owners, leaders and givers shine through in helping expand our vision.

– Expanded children’s ministry!!

– Our “Timothy Project” to raise up our CitiChurch leaders in house! I love the opportunity I have to mentor this generation of world-changers!

– I pray we continue to change! I hope as Jim Collins writes – that some of our “good” can become “great”. I want to give Ohio our best!

– Balance! My prayer is that in our growth, transformation and addition that we also keep balance. Balance with family. Balance with God’s presence and systems. Balance with mission. Proverbs 11:1.

Just taking my Monday morning to be thankful and dream a little….

2 thoughts on “CitiChurch – Year in Review

  1. Bob Crupper says:

    Citi Church changed my life, and many more thank God for CC

  2. Jann says:

    Very inspiring message! Citi Church has an amazing future as do all of the Pastors. God Bless and thank you.

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