The Benefits of a Team

I love sports! I enjoy playing sports as well as watching sports (especially my kid’s games!). Here are a few life principles that I’ve learned through the years:

1. Everyone needs good coaching! Coaches see and direct you from a different angle. Never under-estimate the voice of a good coach who see’s your potential from a different perspective.

2. Rarely can someone ever win alone. There’s always an encouraging parent, team-mates, a cheering crowd, a trainer or someone who spurred you on to victory.

3. True team-mates love your success off the field as well as on the field!

4. Some people win championships and rarely score, touch the ball or play big minutes. Embrace the big picture.

5. I love to win (my kids do too!) – but we’ve learned a lot from losses!

6. Successful seasons can usually be traced back to quality off-seasons. The benefits of conditioning, rest, refreshing & recruiting new faces/blood to your team typically always pays off.

7. Learn to love your team-mates success! You can tell a team that pouts on the bench, complains, bickers and speaks “anonymously” VERSUS the team that does what’s best for the success of the team! Learn to high 5 someone else’s dream! Cheer your team-mates turnaround!

Team is better, more beneficial, energizing and it builds a lifetime of memories!


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