Power – Pastor Kevin Gerald

I read this blog this morning from Pastor Kevin and wanted to share it. 

Be encouraged!

Photo provided by the Discovery Channel

Nick Wallenda


You have more power than you think September 17, 2013

Make choices to change the circumstances, and God will work on your behalf.

This week I met Nik Wallenda from the famous Wallenda family of acrobats and high wire artists. In 1978, Nik’s great grandfather had died while attempting a high wire walk; he had fallen to his death. Nik felt God call him to continue the legacy of his family and to glorify God with his calling. In 2011, Nick finished the walk that his grandfather had died attempting. Then in June of this year, Nik performed a walk from one side of the Grand Canyon to the other, on live TV.

He did not wear a harness. He stepped slowly and steadily, praying out loud along the way, pausing and crouching only a couple times as winds whipped around him and the rope swayed treacherously. In an interview later, Nick said “I don’t think God holds me on the wire as I’m walking, but God’s given me a unique talent… and it’s up to me to train properly for that.”

God won’t walk the high wire for you.

He has delegated this to us. If we want to see circumstances changed in our lives, it’s up to us to put one foot in front of the other. God has empowered us to make the choices required to change our circumstances.

The Choices you Make

  • The choices you have to make won’t always be easy
  • The choices you have to make will require you to have courage
  • There will be winds along the way

But when you make choices to change the circumstances and stay committed to your decision, God will actively work on your behalf.

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