Seasons – It will change!

Ecclesiastes 3:1 -says – For everything there is a season, a time for everything under heaven. I believe that “All seasons have something to offer” and we must “Seize The Season”.

These are a few seize the season reminders as you seek to keep your faith/strength:

1. Remind yourself, It’s just a season and seasons change! This is not your year! Don’t confuse a piece for being the puzzle! It’s unfair to assess your life/success based only on a season! This is where I am but not necessarily who I am!

2. Guard yourself from allowing your season the right to identify you! Don’t let your level of expectation be determined by a single season!

A season is merely a single chapter in the book of your life!

3. Identify the Season you are in!

Don’t discredit a bare branch when it’s simply out of season.

Don’t rule yourself out just because you are out of season!

4. Every season has a tipping point! Varying seasons (leap year) can range between 89-93 days but there is always a “tipping point” or a halfway mark to your season. This is the moment that you realize that you are closer to the next season that you are to the past season. It does not mean that it’s completed or finalized but it’s an indicator that it’s close!

A Grace Tipping Point – The moment when you realize that you are closer to your victory than you are (removed) from your past failure! #Seasons #Change

God is greater than my season!

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