WHAT to do WHEN you don’t know WHY?

Many times in life we are emotionally and spiritually influenced by these basic concerns or questions:

1. What is happening to us?

2. When – The timing of the “What” that is happening.

3. Why – Can we make “sense” of the “What” as well as the “When”…

In storms of un-certainty, life’s questions keeps you and I constantly trying to figure out these situations and seasons. We often resort to answers of “God’s ways are higher” and “walk by faith” which are 100% accurate and true….but it still holds our minds hostage with un-answered circumstances.

I want to encourage you, regardless of your current circumstances, to focus on your “Who” and “Where” and not just your “What and Why”.

1. Who HE is and Who YOU are – A fresh glimpse of Him can help you catch your breath.

2. Where – Where are you?

Psalm 27:5 let’s us know that there is a “Where” even in times of trouble.

Psalm 91 tells us that we can find that “Where” even in life’s storms or struggles.

Hebrews 4:16 says that there is a “Where” even in times of need.

Don’t run from Him! Don’t hide just because of your sin, frustration or storm!

In Genesis 3, Adam and Even failed, disobeyed and ultimately hid. God’s question? “Where are you?”

Where are you today? Your WHERE is key to overcoming your What, When & Why.

2 thoughts on “WHAT to do WHEN you don’t know WHY?

  1. Becky says:

    Thank u for the wisdom needed that today lost a close friend this wk and today is calling hours but we know god had his hand in this and she knew him love u have a bless day

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