5 Types of People a Pastor Likes – Guest Blog Matt Wade

Have you ever thought about the type of people with which your pastor likes to do life? I know who I like to hang around, and I seek out these types of relationships. I find that I am healthier in my spiritual and relational life when these types of people are actively involved with me and my family. I want to share 5 types of people who I am confident your pastor or leader would enjoy, immensely.

1. People who know how to honor. There is a fine line that is often crossed in pastor/friend relationships. Church leaders, particularly pastors need people who know how to keep honor in its rightful place. Knowing how to be a friend without loosing site of the person sitting beside you is key. Why should we keep honor in tact? Because leaders offer a value to our lives that is beyond friendship.

2. People who know how to be human. If there is one thing that every leader or pastor would like the world to recognize is that we are mere humans. Our sin, struggles, and setbacks are no different in our lives than anyone else’s life. We are all tempted, and we all sin. Knowing how to be human with your leader is a tangible freedom that all leaders desire.

3. People who know how to protect. What does it mean to protect your leader? Maybe it’s shutting down gossip or standing up to criticism on your leaders behalf. Protecting your pastor is keeping others from harming his or her integrity with words or actions. Protecting your leader is covering his or her character from character assassins. When’s the last time your stopped gossip about your pastor?

4. People who know how to remain loyal. Loyalty is tangible. You can always spot the loyal friend or associate. How? They are simply there through it all. They refuse to allow family, friends, co-workers and their opinions to thwart their loyalty. This is rare in the church world, but deeply desired and needed.

5. People who know how to laugh. If you cannot laugh with me, you cannot do life with me. Most of my friends are amateur comedians, or so we all seem to think. Being able to laugh at myself and at my friends is most freeing. If you want to contribute to your leaders life, make them laugh or give them room to laugh with you and at you.

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