Old Habits Hinder New Life – Kevin Gerald

Below is a blog written by Pastor Kevin Gerald from Champions Centre. This is a great encouragement to release the past and embrace the newness that God desires us to have!

Old Habits Hinder New Life

Great people have great habits. The people we admire most for their character and achievements are people with great habits. These people have learned how to harness the power of habit and use it effectively.

Jesus had a habit of going to the church every Sabbath. — Luke 4:16

Daniel had a habit of giving thanks to God in prayer three times every day. — Daniel 6:10

David had a habit of praising God continually. — Psalms 34:1

Nobody is going to compete in the Olympics without first embracing a lifestyle of habit. Champions have champion habits. If you want to rise above mediocrity… if you want to create a positive force that will move you towards a dream… habit is the choice of champions.


I don’t know what habits have held you back, but I can tell you that old habits hinder new life. The worry habit, the anger habit, the gossip habit, the hanging out with old friends habit, the cursing habit, the fighting habit, the drinking habit, the lying habit…(hopefully you’re getting the idea). Old habits hinder new life! We tend to underestimate the effects that habits have on our lives. So, think of it like this:


•Ten years of complaining verses ten year of thanksgiving.

•Ten years of smoking versus ten years of exercise.

•Ten years of thinking self-defeating thoughts verses then year of encouraging thoughts.

•Ten years of going to church with a learning attitude (Bible, notebook, and pen) versus ten years of going to church out of obligation.

•Ten years of setting goals versus ten year of passive living.

•Ten years of saving versus ten years of excessive spending.

Whenever negative habits are allowed to linger in our lives, they steal the possibilities of new and better life. The day that old habits end is the day that a new life can begin.

K. WISE… @KevinGerald

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