Thinking Ahead

Have you ever failed to plan or think ahead?  I love being prepared except when I randomly stop by the grocery store 🙂 My wife will complain that I come home with bananas, cheese, bacon, raisin bran cereal and a few items from the sale aisle.  (My kids love shopping with dad!) 

As I was meeting this morning with a local businessman, he made reference to his employees with this statement “a good employee does what is next without having to be asked”….I’ve thought about this throughout the day.

Do we take time to “think ahead” in our lives or do we wait to only respond or react to requests or to-do lists? 

What if we looked for the next need?

Would looking ahead help our homes/house or spouse?

Will future doors of employment or promotion be more likely for those who don’t need to be “asked” to do everything? 

Looking ahead requires us to be more observant, willing and perceptive to life and the people placed in our pathways.  May God help us to be keenly aware of thinking ahead.

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