Turning 40

As I’ve pondered turning 40 this week my mind looks back over my life….blessed with 4 amazing kids, my wife of 16 years Angel Marie, great parents & sister, CitiChurch, friends, etc.

God has been faithful in many areas of my life:

– my health (carcinoid tumor & surgeries)
– my marriage
– during our miscarriage
– with my mistakes as a pastor
– financially
– my kids
– CitiChurch

I’m thankful. Grateful. Humbled.

I recently heard one of my coaches say “what would you say to yourself if you sat down with you 20yrs ago”. Well….

I would tell Micah:

1. Learn relationship over religion. Your life will be full of struggles, seasons & situations that will require you to run to God and not from Him. I would tell myself that God wants to be my Father more than anything else so don’t view Him tainted. (I’ve spent many days feeling I wasn’t good enough for Him)

2. Micah, love your family. Don’t let anyone or anything outside of God come in between you and them. Don’t let busyness, friendships or anyone else take “their” place. No picnic, party, park or parent time is anything short of amazing.

3. I would tell myself that ministry is worth it for 1 person. Period. I love the masses, multitudes, crowds! God cares about numbers. He died for the whole world. I would just tell myself in all of your mtgs & plans & growth tracks to always remember its worth one. One teen. One hurting kid. One single mom. One empty business man. One marriage. Just one. (I’m trying more & more to look people in the eye not looking ahead to “who’s” next).

4. I would tell myself to love everyone. People I disagreed with. People different than me. No questions asked.

5. I would tell myself to guard my heart. Guard it from familiarity, deep hurt, distrust, offense. I would tell myself not to let my heart think things or go places it shouldn’t. (The older I get I realize the value of a pure heart).

6. I would tell myself to “affirm myself” in life. I’ve spent many moments in the last 20yrs 2nd guessing myself, hindsight, rehashing, wishing, reviewing…my dad & Pastor Kevin are helping me to realize the importance of focusing on the positives and not the negatives. I would tell myself to cheer myself on more.

As I move forward I focus on the positives of:

1. Gods grace
2. My kids growth in all areas.
3. A GREATER kind of marriage (Furtick) – I want to watch Angels growth, dreams, desires & her GREATER come to fruition.
4. Balance (Prov 11)
5. Happiness, Health & Wholeness
6. Transformed Mind Management (Rom 12)
7. Watching many “ones” experience Christ.

Phil 3 – Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead…


5 thoughts on “Turning 40

  1. lexpastorjim says:

    You are an amazing friend and fellow pastor, be blessed my friend…P.j.

  2. Love it relationship over religion Amen may all your aspirations in Jesus name be fulfilled love ya n God bless ya Brian Chapman

  3. Renee Rhinebolt says:

    PM – Happy Early Birthday. Your blog brought tears to my eyes. U R Awesome. Love you.


  4. Mark Conn says:


  5. Cheryl Jones says:

    Happy Birthday Pastor Micah. Great post too!

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