Watered Down? (Guest Blog – Matt Wade)

Watered Down or Good News?

June 8, 2013

I often hear things like, “Matt, you water down the gospel.” Or I will hear, “Do you like to listen to this preacher or that preacher?” I often reply with a resounding “yes”. I also get a few awkward looks when they disagree with my choice of preacher and his or her message. I did not know people took personal issue with my taste in preachers.

I had a few thoughts and concerns go through my mind over the last several days and I wanted to share my perspective on the “watered down”concern.

Could it be that people have been beat up so long by the law and legalism that they do not know what Good News sounds like?

Maybe the gospel isn’t watered down. Maybe it sounds too good to be true…because it’s the Good News.

Could it be the preaching that you have always heard is filled with law, laced with legalism, and overloaded with works?

Making the gospel simple does not make it watered down, it makes it possible.

Is the Gospel you are trying to live even possible? If not, maybe you should add some “water”. Christ never called us to the impossible. He calls us to live out His possible Gospel.

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