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Many times I have been asked how we can better help our communities and friends understand Christ. I am the son of a pastor, my dad, my best friend. I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home that had great foundation in the Word and always pointed my life back to God’s love and grace. Many people in my life don’t share this journey but rather they have been raised in a non-church environment or they have become de-churched because of issues and past hurt.

The issue that arises many times (in having a church of diversity) is that good people get labelled as spiritually hardened or even rebellious because they don’t understand what we are doing or why we are doing it.

I recently sat in a service where it was explained “why we shake hands”…..I loved it. Most churches don’t explain why we are raising our hands little long explaining the overwhelming handshakes that greeters can some times give in church settings.

Acts 2:12 – says that some were perplexed and asked “what does this mean”…..others may say “what the….??” – I loved Peter’s response!! Peter stood up and “explained” what was happening with the spiritual dialect translation of God’s move. What if we were one explanation away from God momentum? What if the WHY is missing in your ministry?

Is it possible that they key to thousands of lives changed lies not only in the power of God but in the explanation of the experience?

Why do we come to church?
Why do people pray?
Is it ok if I don’t believe in God to just explore this experience?
Why do some people cry?
Why does some individuals stand up?
What does OT and NT stand for?
What does the big spiritual words mean?

Many church settings show us the where and how factors but few ever explain why. Don’t always assume they know….you have co-workers, friends and neighbors who legitimately are confused or think we are crazy. My encouragement to all of us is simply to take time to explain to those un-churched and questioning – WHY.

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