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Chasing Opportunity

It’s common for people to feel they have to chase opportunity. They begin with thoughts like “When am I going to get my big break? When is my talent going to get recognized?” In and of itself, those questions seem harmless. But the problem with that mindset is that it causes people to exhaust themselves chasing the favor of man rather than trusting God. It’s an easy trap to slip into. We can all be guilty of spending too much energy in pursuit of the favor of man rather than trusting that God’s favor will open up doors of greater opportunity in our life.

1) Every day has small opportunities and rather than chasing bigger opportunities, concentrate on making the most of those every day opportunities.
Colossians 4:5 NIV says, “…make the most of every opportunity.”
This is the key to staying in a place where God’s Favor can flow in your life. Concentrate and do your best with where you are and what you have to work with today

2)There’s a difference between chasing opportunity and making the most of every opportunity. When you’re concerned with chasing opportunity, you’ll try and determine which opportunities are important, and which are not. But we often forget that God has a way of using the unseen, unnoticed places of life to promote people. Some of the most visible people in life started in the most invisible places. Jesus showed us that to lead is to serve. Leadership starts with a basin of water and a towel, a moment often overlooked. And the big moments in life have their roots in small opportunities.

3) When we make the most of every opportunity we’ve been given, God’s favor opens up doors of greater opportunities. We shouldn’t stress about finding opportunity or making something happen. When you make the most of every opportunity, God’s favor will make sure greater opportunity finds you.

-If you’re a server at a restaurant, give people the greatest experience you can.
-If you’re a gopher at work, running small and trivial errands, do it with the attitude of an executive.
-When you’re out and about in daily life, have genuine conversations with other people. Be silently hopeful that God will make a way for you to impact their lives through a kind word or act of love.

When you concentrate on making the most of every opportunity, God’s favor will be free to flow in your life and open doors of greater opportunity.

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