Mother’s Day (Updated)

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing moms & spiritual moms in the world! My life is a by-product of amazing Moms!!

1. Zion – is the mother of us all. The church, our mom, the bride of Christ has changed my life! The journey I started on as a young child to find the purpose & plan for me has always been influenced by Jesus and his teachings! Happy Mothers Day to all the churches (one body) that are trying to nurture growing babies and heal hurting souls!

2. Happy Mothers Day Lois Pelkey! My mom! Words can’t describe how thankful I am for the unconditional love, prayers, sacrifice and support you’ve given me in my life-time! (40 years old this year mom – Lol). You are amazing!

3. Happy Mothers Day to Angel Marie Pelkey! My wife, mother of 4 incredible children, awesome spiritual mom to many! Thanks for rising above the storms & obstacles of your past to embrace the plan of God for your life! You are an example to many! I love you Angel….life has shown me how needed you are in my life. I want to walk this road with you beside me. Forever.

I also want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all those who have impacted my life along the way….thanks! I daily admire those women who raise children in single parent homes, those who nurture spiritually broken children, those who work at home and abroad to see their children’s success, those who love their children to the deepest point of despair & disappointment. Moms! I truly appreciate and HONOR our Moms!

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