Enduring Hardness

Oh how we wish we could all live a life of complete peace, tranquility and personal perfection. My weeks are rather filled with interacting with people dealing with marriages, monies, ministries and even health issues that constantly require our patience and God’s sufficient grace. In 21 years of ministry and training, I have watched as life takes us down roads that we never expected nor did we plan on encountering……it is on this journey of un-answered questions and fighting for your faith that you and I will be faced with enduring hardness in our christianity.

I am convinced that life is full of unique family situations, financial fluctuations and even the daily circumstances that tend to bring stress and worry to people of all ages and backgrounds. In our quest to love God, live peaceably with those around us and have success for our families we all have a constant necessity in our lives; the struggle to keep a pure heart and right spirit.

Proverbs 4:23 states -Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

The writer obviously thought it was extremely important for us to guard our heart when he started this passage with the words ABOVE ALL ELSE. Simply stated, this must be our top priority! Many times in life, we allow hurt, pain, and disappointment to “consume” us. We immediately begin to build walls around our hearts so that no one or
nothing can ever hurt us again. We develop a wounded spirit that ultimately infiltrates our entire life. Suddenly, we realize that we have compartmentalized our hearts and we are now operating on half hearted emotions. Bitterness and resentment often times set into our spirit and soon dominate our actions and choices. These internal wounds will ultimately shut down our ability to receive the blessings and gifts from God and those around us.

Proverbs 14:10 says that each heart knows its own bitterness. You need to search your heart, take an internal inventory, find what types of things that cause your heart to be become hard. Webster’s Dictionary defines hardness as not easily punctured or having strong resistance.

The last place that you ever want to get to with God or the things of God is a heart condition that is not easily penetrated or a spirit that has built up strong resistance.

Psalm 51:10- says Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

God wants to renew some things in your life! God can only renew, restore and refresh something that is already there. Be encouraged, the broken pieces of your life can be put back together again and renewed! Renew according to Webster’s dictionary means to make new spiritually, to restore to freshness or restore to existence.

God wants to give you your life back! My hope for you is that you will experience restoration, reconciliation, refreshing and renewal from Jesus Christ in every area of your life. Don’t let life’s difficulties and dilemma’s wound your spirit. Your key to surviving and flourishing in life is a series of softened seasons in God’s grace and love.

Join me in asking God to help us endure hardness and embrace healing and wholeness!


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