Holding Dad’s Hands

I love to skate and play hockey!  Being born in NB Canada, it’s been a part of my blood-stream to love the feel of lacing up ice skates, the gliding of blades on the ice, a hockey stick and a puck and the joys of a frozen pond or an outdoor rink. 

I was probably 4 or 5 years old when I can recollect of memories playing on ponds with cousins and neighborhood kids and getting my first hockey net for Christmas.  Memories. 

It was so cool for me to take my girls (Eliana’s first time – she’s not quite 3) to an outdoor rink this past week and watch them timidly step on the ice and try to take their first few strides……we have now gone 2 times in a week and I can already see their excitement and improvement. 

Brooklyn, Jalyn and Eliana all want to take turns holding my hand while we skate and their bold-ness is so evident when they grasp my hand and feel the confidence that they are less likely to fall than when they are skating alone. 

Elly would laugh and squeel and say “Daddy wet’s gwide” (let’s glide) as I would hold her arms/hands as her wobbly legs would shake as she would spin and coast around the corners of the small iced over rink 🙂 

How I was reminded during these moments that I’m definitely safer and more protected when He has my hand and guards my foot-steps than when I try to do everything on my own.

One thought on “Holding Dad’s Hands

  1. youka wymer says:

    Micah , its funny how God show us things .And we hold on to that.Life is a gift.And so are are kids.I hope all is well. Yogi

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