Faith Lists

I had breakfast with a local Doctor a few weeks ago and during our time together he asked me “Micah, when is the last time you truly used your faith?”.  I left our meeting very stirred in my spirit…..of course I thought of my tithing or giving as well as my Pastoral duties BUT I had to answer the question truthfully….I don’t use my faith enough.

I’m not sure if it’s fear of failure or God not answering my prayers as I would like BUT I’ve had a renewed passion the past few weeks to start exercising my faith!  I started a “Faith List” on Monday and I’ve already had 2 things on the list see drastic change.

We truly live by faith and not by sight!  Make your list……maybe we don’t have it because we don’t ask (James 5) or because we need less unbelief and more confidence (Matthew) but regardless let’s try to use our faith a little more in our lives!

One thought on “Faith Lists

  1. harry balsinger says:

    This is a very great site . Very professional. THIS church rocks. I thank GOD for pastor Micah. This area needed a fresh breath of air . GOD gave it to us through this church. Thank you for letting me be part of it. Pastor you’re my spritual inspirational father. THANK YOU for being you .You can count on me to help you with your vision. Thank you your humble servant Harry

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